Internship Conclusion

It’s my final day at the Anatomical Museum and I’m feeling quite sentimental. The nature of my internship –working with an unaccessioned collection for 10 consecutive weeks- means I feel protective over my perhaps unconventional plaster cast ‘children’. I thought I would use this blog post to reflect on the progress of the Phrenology project, rather than focus on research specific to the collection….

‘Male’ of Madagascar, ‘Gambian’ Woman and Chief Bokani

Following on from my previous post discussing Eustache Belin and the ‘New Zealander’, I am keen to showcase  more of the items due to be exhibited from August. In this post I will focus on the lives of three further individuals; Bokani, a Pygmy chief brought to the UK as a living exhibit, ‘Gambian Woman’ a cast mislabeled during…